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Little Sunshine

one of many college goals:


find this level of happiness

Me: Hey Justin!

Justin: Hey!

Me: Are you borring with Selena?

Justin: what?

Me: if you are, i just want you to know that im single.

Justin: …..

Me: No im just saying

"I dont get it why haterz always tell terrible things about Justin. You call him gay? Ugly? And cant sing? Ouch. Mirror please!" 

"So many people hates on me because i love him. So many people judge me because i always support him. But i dont care. And i dont give up. Im here, to stay that im proud to call myself a BELIEBER" 

"My Idol sold out Madison Square Garden in 30 second and do#randomtweethour for his beliebers. How about yours?” 

-Bridget Shela-


with the girls;)
one of ma fave picturessss;)
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